WATCH Jim Caldwell's FastCast

Fri Feb 21 03:16:59 PST 2020

WATCH Jim Caldwell's FastCast

Dry weather stretches through the weekend.

WATCH Chris Bailey's Fastcast

Storms before a cool shot

WATCH GOOD QUESTION: Why aren't all driver's license offices back open?

Today's question is about the reopening of government buildings, specifically driver's licensing offices.

WATCH The Coronavirus Breakdown with Sam Dick

The Coronavirus Breakdown with Sam Dick (05-27-2020)

WATCH Fayette Co. Public Schools honors class of 2020 with light show

Fayette County Public Schools is honoring the class of 2020 with a senior celebration light show on Wednesday with help from iHeartRadio and City Center.

WATCH Pulaski County Disney travel agent happy to see parks reopen

Kayla Vinsant says in a normal summer, she helps around 50 Kentucky families book their vacation to Florida, working as a Disney travel professional.

WATCH House Democratic leaders call for Rep. Maddox censure

House Democratic leaders are calling on republican leadership to officially censure state representative Savannah Maddox.


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