WATCH The Breakdown Kyle Macy discusses Joe B. Hall

Fri Feb 21 15:53:25 PST 2020

WATCH The Breakdown Kyle Macy discusses Joe B. Hall

Kyle Macy interviews Joe B. Hall for the show From The Rafters of Rupp. The special will air this weekend on WKYT and The CW Lexington.

WATCH Chris Bailey's Fastcast

Stormy skies continue

WATCH GOOD QUESTION: Why aren't all driver's license offices back open?

Today's question is about the reopening of government buildings, specifically driver's licensing offices.

WATCH The Coronavirus Breakdown: Recovering from COVID-19

Sam Dick talks to Randy Burke, a Coronavirus survivor.

WATCH Antibody test shows Lexington man once carried COVID-19

Randy Burke has fully recovered after at one point carrying COVID-19. But his journey to finding out about the virus took some turns.

WATCH Gov. Beshear says the actions at the state capitol Sunday are "evil"

Governor Andy Beshear addressed the protesters who hanged an effigy of him from a tree on the ground of the state capitol in his daily press conference Tuesday.


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