WEB EXCLUSIVE| Kentucky pension reform; Why you should care.

Several reports have shown Kentucky has one of the worst funded pension systems in the nation, something Governor Matt Bevin and top legislative leaders say they are committed to solving, but the big question of how to do that remains.

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Significant flood threat continues

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69 veterans got to take the trip to see the memorials honoring them in Washington D.C.

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Firefighters say three people who died in a fire on Mitchellsburg Knob Road in Boyle County were all related.

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Many rescues were made on Sunday for people that tried to drive through flooded roads.

WATCH Firefighters: Don't drive through flooded roads

First responders say it only takes 6 inches of water is enough to stall most passenger vehicles.

WATCH Red State BBQ no stranger to cleaning up after disaster

This comes after a fire destroyed one of their businesses in March of 2017.


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