WATCH Ky. House Speaker: "I don't think I should resign."

On Wednesday afternoon, eight Republican lawmakers filed disciplinary charges asking for Representative Hoover to be removed from office because of the sexual harassment settlement.

WATCH Chris Bailey's Fastcast

Tracking rain and a big weekend temp drop

WATCH Two-headed copperhead snake on display at Frankfort wildlife center

A two-headed copperhead snake found in eastern Kentucky is now on display for visitors in Frankfort.

WATCH Friend helps Lexington McDonald's employee whose wife died in restaurant

A lifelong friend of an 85-year-old McDonald's employee is helping him out after he lost his wife at the restaurant he's worked at for 40 years.

WATCH Out & About Bi-Water Farm Pt. 2

Autumnfest is up and running

WATCH Out & About Bi-Water Farm Pt. 1

It's the perfect time to visit area orchards

WATCH Community reacts to Anderson and Shelby Co. school threats

It's been a tough day for the communities of Anderson and Shelby counties, as they learned the disturbing details of how close school threats came to actually happening.


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