WATCH Restored dome unveiled at Lexington's historic courthouse

The dome inside Lexington's historic courthouse at 210 West Main Street was unveiled by Mayor Jim Gray on Monday.

WATCH Jim Caldwell's FastCast

Holiday weather looks really nice. The next round of rain will not be here until Friday night.

FLASHBACK: Tom Payne's decline from breaking color barrier to rape convictions

In 2005's 'Adolph Rupp: Myth, Legend and Fact' documentary on WKYT, Dick Gabriel profiles former UK basketball player Tom Payne.

WATCH Kentucky kids say how they would bake the perfect turkey

Some young Kentucky children are sharing their tips to baking the perfect turkey, but we would not follow their advice.

WATCH Lexington Rescue Mission feeds hundreds in need Thanksgiving meal

For the 18th year, Lexington Rescue Mission served a hot, home-cooked meal to more than 400 people in the...

WATCH Dos and Don'ts: How to have a safe and successful Thanksgiving meal

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is telling consumers to not eat any romaine lettuce, and...

WATCH Athlete of the Week - Scott County

Athlete of the Week - Scott County


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