WATCH Chris Bailey's Fastcast 04-15-2019

WATCH Chris Bailey's Fastcast 04-15-2019

Warmer air on the way

WATCH WKYT to air national anthem at end of every broadcast day

WKYT will now air the national anthem at the end of every broadcast day,

WATCH Gun shop to hold free class ahead of permitless concealed carry law

A gun shop is holding a free class ahead of Kentucky's new permitless concealed carry law.

WATCH Nightly Facebook post reminds Georgetown neighbors to lock their cars

Neighbors in Georgetown are using the power of social media to keep each other safe.

WATCH Local BSA scout camp opens doors to all-girl troops

Lexingtons local scout office, the Blue Grass Council, says all-girl troops have been on the rise since the decision. Troops are active in Lexington, Cynthiana, Richmond, and Frankfort with other cities trying to launch troops.

Jon Parker, AVOL/Lexington Pride Festival

This year is a two day event, June 28th & 29th


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