WATCH Chris Bailey's Fastcast

Thu May 23 14:39:51 PDT 2019

WATCH Chris Bailey's Fastcast

Steamy temps and scattered storms roll on

WATCH Chris Bailey's Fastcast

Colder air takes control

WATCH The Bottom Line with Bill Bryant (02-18-2020)

The Bottom Line with Bill Bryant (02-18-2020)

WATCH The Breakdown: NASCAR safety measures

Dr. Ryan Stanton, Medical Director, AMR/NASCAR Safety Team, talks about safety measures race tracks take to protect drivers.

WATCH KSP: Child killed in animal attack in Knott County

The coroner was called to the scene of an animal attack in Knott County.

WATCH Neglected horses rescued from Boyle County farmle County farm

A group of horses were found neglected at a Boyle County farm.

WATCH Years later, son ready to forgive man who killed mother in crash

Family of woman killed in a Pulaski County crash is forgiving the man who admitted to driving drunk and pushing for his parole.


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