WATCH Chris Bailey's Fastcast

Tue Sep 17 14:30:39 PDT 2019

WATCH Chris Bailey's Fastcast

Temps slowly trend down

WATCH Chris Bailey's FastCast for Wednesday, Feb 26th

Light accumulations are possible into early Thursday with another snow chance by Friday.

WATCH The Bottom Line with Bill Bryant (02-26-2020)

The Bottom Line with Bill Bryant (02-26-2020)

WATCH The Breakdown WKYT's Jimmy Hislope discusses the corona virus

The Corona virus has changed his travel plans to Italy.

WATCH District basketball play continues

District basketball play continues to have some great games.

WATCH Bus drivers organize donation drive for flood victims

A group of Jessamine County bus drivers are cramming a school bus full of supplies for flooding victims.

WATCH Small vape shops say proposed tax increase could be death sentence

B Street Vapor in Mt. Sterling says the bill is not just a blow to vape shops but a blow to small businesses across the state.


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