WATCH Jim Caldwell's FastCast

Wed Jan 22 03:47:36 PST 2020

WATCH Jim Caldwell's FastCast

A big weekend system sweeps in with wind, rain and some snow.

WATCH Adam Burniston's FastCast

Storm chances ramp up this week

WATCH GOOD QUESTION: What are KY's quarantine rules for people who travel?

Today's Good Question comes from a woman asking about a growing influx of snowbirds returning home from their winter in the south.

WATCH The Breakdown: Batteries during the pandemic

The Breakdown: Batteries during the pandemic

WATCH Somerset COVID-19 victim's son posts viral heartfelt video

Every night we lose a Kentuckian to COVID-19 Governor Andy Beshear asks us to light a green light outside our homes in remembrance.

WATCH Ky. COVID-19 cases totals 955 on Sunday, 45 total deaths reported

According to the state COVID-19 website, the total number of cases on Sunday is now at least 955 with 45 total deaths.

WATCH Local businesses not as busy despite Easter week

Easter week is usually a busy time for Heavenly Ham


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