3 men charged in 2017 Whitley County triple murder case

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WILLIAMSBURG, Ky. (WKYT) - Kathy Faulkner says she is finally getting the answers she's waited nearly a year and a half for.

Anthony Hester (Left), Darnell Chivers (Top), Jeremy Hatfield (Bottom)

“They have done so much with so little. In the time they've had,” she tells us by telephone of her gratitude for Williamsburg Police who picked up the murder case of her daughter, Emogene...her son-in-law Christopher Bittner, and Emogene's 16-year-old son Robert “Little Man Kennedy.”

“They told me right off the bat that it was very solvable. It could be solved,” Faulkner said.

“On the mayor's request myself and the detective started looking into it, we realized there there three pretty strong suspects,” said Williamsburg Police Chief Wayne Bird whose department began investigating the case last summer. The Whitley County Sheriff's office started the investigation when the crimes occurred.

All three suspects are from Indiana. Jeremy Hatfield was found on a weapons charge and extradited in December. Darnell Chivers was already in jail on unrelated charges in Ohio. Then Friday...federal agents and an Indianapolis SWAT team converged on Anthony Hester.

“Without getting into too many details, they had some ties with the family, we know there was an altercation between Chivers and Faulkner,” said Bird.

“Even though this has been a long road and a hard road, the harder is yet to come, going through court,” said Faulkner.

All three are charged with murder, first degree burglary, and tampering with physical evidence.

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