Coin flip decides Kentucky mayoral race, but neither candidate is satisfied

Published: Nov. 15, 2018 at 7:23 PM EST
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A small Kentucky town has determined who its new mayor will be with the flip of a coin.

Going into Thursday morning, more than a week after Election Day, candidates Rodrick Major and Clark Bailey were gridlocked with 78 votes a piece.

After another recount Thursday morning, the mayoral race all came down to one coin toss. The toss determined Major would be the newest mayor-elect, but surprisingly neither of the candidates were satisfied with the result.

Both Major and Bailey said that officials recently notified them of some voting discrepancies. They say there were about eight discrepancies in the voter registration records that could’ve shifted the balance of the election.

So while today’s coin toss officially named Major as the next mayor of Loyall, both candidates are saying they want a fair election. There is opportunity to move the election issue into circuit court in hopes of shedding light on the voting discrepancies.

"Win or lose, I would still like to see something done here," said Major.

The Harlan County Clerk could not provide details as to what the actual discrepancies are at this time.

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