Fr. Jim Sichko pitches in to help supply PPE to healthcare workers

Published: Apr. 3, 2020 at 2:59 PM EDT
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A Catholic priest from Central Kentucky is heeding the call to get more healthcare supplies where they are needed the most – to healthcare workers.

As the fight against COVID-19 starting spreading across the country, Father Jim Sichko knew he had to do something.

“In my mind, I had to figure out some ways to assist as a Papal Missionary of Mercy in this trying time,” says Fr. Sichko.

He decided he would try to help those helping the sick. As supplies are dwindling nationally, he was able to procure thousands of N95 Respirators, facemasks for healthcare workers.

“I was able to contact a medical supply company that I had known and they were able to take out of a shipment because these are usually shipped, like, 100,000 in quantity. They were able to take out about 10,000 masks for me,” explains Sichko.

The masks will be shipped to him over the next few days, and he plans to deliver them to the Department of Public Health to be distributed across the state.

“This, again, is a very small quantity in a very large fight. At least it's something that each of us can do somewhat,” says Father Jim.

Sichko tells WKYT it's been encouraging to see so many Kentuckians coming together during this time of need. His hope is that feeling doesn't leave once this crisis is over.

“The question is, are we going to be mindful of that even when this time is over with. This is an amazing opportunity these weeks, the people may not see it, to strengthen your family bond. If you need to, look at the beauty of the outdoors, to reflect, to take some quiet downtime, to re-energize.”

Fr. Sichko says he plans additional acts of kindness but doesn’t know yet what that will involve.