Gov. Bevin signs law to certify professional midwives

Photo: WAVE/Mhari Shaw
Photo: WAVE/Mhari Shaw(WKYT)
Published: Apr. 3, 2019 at 12:51 PM EDT
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Governor Bevin has signed a new bill into law that will license midwives in Kentucky, in an effort to help new mothers.

Being a midwife was never illegal in Kentucky, but the industry hasn't been regulated in the state since 1975. That means pretty much anyone could attend your birth, and call themselves a midwife, until now.

Senate Bill 84 lays out a framework for home birth, and equips certified professional midwives with a license.

An advisory board will also be put in place to uphold these new standards.

Advocates hope the new law will improve relationships between doctors and midwives, and ultimately benefit future moms.

"As a consumer, when I hire a midwife for a home birth, I can now ask her if she has a license. If she is licensed, then I know that she meets a certain standard of care," says Leacoln Bale, with the Kentucky Home Birth Coalition.

The goal is to start issuing licenses in Kentucky by the summer of 2020.