KY State Rep. Wesley Morgan calls for impeachment of Hoover

Published: Nov. 3, 2017 at 6:41 PM EDT
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Republican state representative Wesley Morgan took to Twitter Friday evening to make it clear that he does not support House Speaker Jeff Hoover following a report of a settled sexual harassment claim by a member of his staff.

Morgan represents the 81st District covering Richmond and Berea.

He took to Twitter Friday evening tweeting, "The Speaker has made it clear that he refuses to resign. With that being said, the only option is impeachment by the full House."

Morgan went on to say Speaker Hoover was scheduled as a special guest at a fundraiser he was hosting on November 30, but the invitation has been revoked.

During the string of tweets, Morgan also tweeted his opinion of Hoover being an "honorable" man, but does "not condone in any fashion sexual harassment."

On Friday afternoon, House Republicans met behind closed doors about the pension bill for three hours. After the caucus meeting, Majority Floor Leader Jonathan Shell answered questions by reporters about the allegations surrounding Hoover.

“As we leave this caucus today, he has the full support of this caucus right now. He had the confidence to move forward to lead our caucus,” said Majority Floor Leader Jonathan Shell.

However, Morgan tweeted saying the statement that Shell gave does not reflect the consensus of the whole caucus.

He later told WKYT in the tweets regarding impeachment he was "clarifying the law that procedurally the only option is for him to be impeached because he refuses to resign." He went on to say, "the caucus has no authority to vote him out."

Morgan tweeted Saturday morning that he never said he was calling for impeachment.

A few hours later, however, Morgan tweeted: "Based on new information that I have just received, I am calling for the immediate resignation and/or impeachment of Jeff Hoover."

Morgan is one of the first in the House to suggest impeachment.