Movie Theaters prepping for reopen on Monday

Published: May. 30, 2020 at 3:51 PM EDT
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Owners and managers at Movie Theaters are spending their weekend cleaning and planning for their reopening day Monday, June first.

Fred Mills, manager at the Kentucky Theater, said he and other managers are the theater has spent months preparing for changing what customers are used to seeing inside.

That includes no longer standing around in lobby areas chatting with others you may know, and customers are no longer sitting in those spaces either.

"As you enter the theater, you'll see our employees, the ones behind concessions, wearing masks and maybe even a shield if they're dealing with popping popcorn," Mills said.

He told WKYT customers who want concession snacks will enter through the right side door and wait in a spaced out line that may at times lead outside the theater.

Other customers who do not wish to purchase snacks will be allowed to pass foot traffic by going in a different door and heading straight to their seats.

Customers will notice every other row blocked off to allow for distancing.

"This theater seats 800, so we're at 33% capacity the same as restaurants in Lexington, so we'll have a little over 250 seats available," Mills said.

The theater's smaller auditorium will seat more than 100 guests.