New Italian restaurant 'ItalX' coming to City Center

ItalX will be located at the corner of West Main Street.  (Photo: WKYT/Victor Puente)
ItalX will be located at the corner of West Main Street. (Photo: WKYT/Victor Puente)(WKYT)
Published: Sep. 12, 2019 at 4:53 PM EDT
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The latest business announced for City Center is a restaurant - and the people behind it are already pretty familiar with Lexington.

It's on one of the busiest corners in Lexington, so the people behind the restaurant that will be going there know there's a bit of pressure.

“I can’t think of a better place to have a restaurant right now,” says Chef Jonathan Lundy.

Located at the corner of West Main Street and South Upper Street, ‘ItalX’ will feature house-made pasta and small plates.

The spelling, replacing the ‘y’ in Italy with an ‘x,’ represents the twist Chef Lundy plans on putting on Italian food.

“I’m not leaning on words like ‘authentic’ and ‘traditional,’” says Lundy.

He’ll be joined by sommelier T.J. Cox. The pair already own the popular Corto Lima. Developer Lee Greer is also a partner in the venture.

The restaurant has been in the works for about five years, and the three say putting the restaurant in City Center will create a cornerstone for the project.

“Probably one of the most exciting projects I’ve been a part of,” says Greer. “A real passion for Italian food and working with Jonathan and T.J. has been a real blessing."

While an exact opening date hasn’t been nailed down, Lundy and Cox say November or December would be a safe bet. Greer told WKYT the restaurant was like a baby – it would get here when it gets here.