Farmers looking forward to a warmer weather pattern

Warmer weather on the horizon will help to ripen more of Eckert's strawberry crop
Warmer weather on the horizon will help to ripen more of Eckert's strawberry crop(WKYT)
Published: May. 12, 2020 at 4:18 PM EDT
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After some record breaking cold weather, Eckert's Orchard is eager to get back to the seasonal warmth.

"The strawberries did just fine. As you see, the white covers laying here in the field, we were able to cover the berries on that 20 degree night. We double covered the berries until about 10 o'clock, but we had little to no damage on our strawberries," Megan Fields, General Manager of Eckert's Orchard, said. "The only thing it did was slow the ripening process down."

With the change in the weather pattern, that process will speed right back up.

"Some of them in the field right now are red on one side and not ripe all the way through, so they need that sunshine to ripen all the way through and continue to just be sweet and ready to pick and a good size too," Fields said. "Some of our berries didn't have good size at the beginning, but now they are starting to have a great size, great flavor."

Strawberries are particular about the type of weather they grow best in.

"75 to 80 and sunshine. Some occasional rain, obviously, we need that," Fields said. "Too many days of 85, 90 degrees will also burn the berries so we have to be real careful in watching that, too. So 75 to 80 is perfect strawberry weather."

It's all about finding that sweet spot to get a sweet crop.