Hard freeze causes woes for green thumbs

Plants stay protected from the cold weather in Michler's greenhouse.
Plants stay protected from the cold weather in Michler's greenhouse.(WKYT)
Published: May. 8, 2020 at 4:22 PM EDT
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Green thumbs, beware. The weather is not going to be helpful for plant lovers Friday night.

"It's unusual by all means, but sometimes unusual things do happen," John Michler, Senior Horticulturalist at Michler's, said.

It's a freeze warning in May, and that can cause problems for folks who have already planted flowers and other plants this season.

"The difference between a frost and a freeze, I should mention, a lot of perennial plants and ones that live outside, they can handle frost well.," Michler said. "A freeze is one where it really gets all the way through the plant tissue and that's why we are so concerned about this one."

While we are limited in what we can do to save these plants, it can be to some benefit to try to gently cover them.

"If you have cloth and you have plastic, you can cover with the cloth or plastic. The best, of course, is plastic on top of cloth.," Michler said. "The best yet is if that goes to the ground to hold in some of the ground's warmth. These are impractical things to do on a large scale, but maybe if you can do it on a few things it'll help you sleep better tonight."

If you're looking to get mom some new flowers for the garden for Mother's Day, a pot of them would be the best way to go so you can easily move it in on cold nights.