Two women arrested after allegedly stealing guinea pigs from pet store

Isabelle Mason (l,) and Jaimee Pack (r,) both face charges of robbery, cruelty to animals, and...
Isabelle Mason (l,) and Jaimee Pack (r,) both face charges of robbery, cruelty to animals, and shoplifting. (Photos: Boyle County Detention Center)(WKYT)
Published: Nov. 16, 2019 at 9:34 PM EST
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Danville Police arrested 21-year-old Isabelle Mason and 19-year-old Jaimee Pack in connection to a robbery at Danville pet shop, Pet Paradise.

Police said Mason and Pack came into the store, took two guinea pigs and tried to leave without paying for them.

"Didn't look typically like the kind of girls that would be carrying an over sized purse, a very new looking over sized purse, and so I was suspicious," said store owner Scott Gonyaw.

Police said a store clerk followed the women out of the store to try to get the guinea pigs back.

"I started screaming at them, 'Give me the guinea pigs!' And the other little girl reached down, got one of them out of the bag went to give it out to me, and the other girl pulled her back into the car," said Gonyaw.

While in the parking lot, police say one of the women threw one of the guinea pigs at the store clerk and the other drove over the store clerk's foot with her car.

Gonyaw says his foot is swollen and bruised.

The clerk and the guinea pig thrown from the car are expected to be okay. The other guinea pig is still missing.

The police got a call from the mother of one of the two girls, who went to their apartment to check and there was an extra guinea pig. The animal was brought to Pet Paradise to be identified, but it wasn't a match.

Both women are charged with shoplifting, robbery and cruelty to animals. Mason is also charged with wanton endangerment. They are both lodged in the Boyle County Detention Center